101 to Decluttering: To sell or to Donate?

So. You’ve decluttered your wardrobe, and you’ve arrived with a bag (or two, or three…) of clothing that you no longer wear and are finally happy to part with. What to do with it now?

To help you decide whether or not to sell or to donate, we’ve put together this blog for you. If you would like to read about how to first declutter your wardrobe, read our previous blog 101 to Decluttering: Wardrobe Series, by clicking on the link!

To sell

First thing to consider if you’re thinking of selling online? That it will take time and effort. Depending on which platform you will be selling your items can be a laborious process of creating, posting and monitoring your ads.

Keep in mind too that platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are sites whereby buyers are after a bargain. Therefore, be prepared for potential price haggles, negotiation of terms and the potential that buyers will fail to show up to pick up the item. eBay, on the other hand, is great if you do not want to deal with the risk of Clients not picking up, however, note that you will have to pay eBay a posting fee.

If you do decide to sell online, a tip is to set a price that not only reflects the value of the item, but includes the time and effort involved in listing, negotiating prices and completing the transactions. This avoids you ending up disappointed! Another tip is to set a time limit. The item needs to be photographed, listed and sold within a set time frame (I usually recommend 3 weeks).

Life gets in the way and if you don’t get started immediately, your stuff will migrate to other dumping grounds in your home, i.e. the garage!
To donate

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and your clutter is no exception. Take the value that you see in your unused items and use it to make a difference. There are some great charities around that will make use of your donations, such as:

Dress for Success – Existing to promote equality and fairness, Dress for Success is a great non-for-profit organisation dedicated for professional clothing or workwear.

Vinnies – In addition to pre-loved clothing, Vinnies is also great for the donation of any household items, or furniture. Donators are able to organise a pick-up or drop them off at their local Vinnies.

Red Nose (Children’s Wear) – All your old clothing, furniture and accessories are welcome to be donated to Red Nose, who use your donations to fund their work ‘saving little lives.’

The Uplift Project (Bra’s) – A fantastic program that connects your good quality and condition bras to women in disadvantaged communities that would otherwise go without.

No matter what you choose to do with your unused clutter, set strict rules with yourself on the value of the items you’re getting rid of. Include your time, effort and sanity in the value and double it!

Do some research into the charities you donate to and select carefully the ones that will make the most out of the value of your items.

Until next time, happy decluttering.