101 to Decluttering: Wardrobe Series

Decluttering is the first step in creating a beautifully staged space. Not only does clearing out space minimise your visual ‘margin of error’ and reduce the amount of maintenance that your space needs, there are a number of psychological benefits to streamlining what you have in your home.

An organised space will boost your energy levels, increase your productivity and cultivate a feel-good vibe for not only your guests, but you as well. You know what they say – Calm attracts calm.

So where to begin? Usually when we think of decluttering our home, we start with the visible, communal areas of the home. However, in the quest to make these areas picture perfect, we often neglect our personal, private spaces (i.e. the bedroom).

With clothes strewn around after every outfit change and a wardrobe stuffed full to bursting, it’s a little less than picture perfect in there. Which leads us to the first part to our decluttering series: The Wardrobe.

Here’s what to look out for when decluttering the Wardrobe:

1. Clothes that don’t fit.

If you’re holding on to clothes that are too small for you, especially in the hope that they will be aspirational and fit you ‘one day’, you’re really holding on to shame and judgement about your body. Let’s have some real talk. Clothing that’s too big for you won’t flatter your body and is just taking up space. You deserve clothing that fits you, flatters you and makes you feel like a million bucks!

2. Clothes that are damaged.

Say bye to clothing with holes, are out of shape or that are faded. Ask yourself why you would allow yourself to wear clothes that are in such a state? Love yourself, treat yourself, you deserve better. Throw it in the bin or repurpose as an old rag for the next car wash.

3. New clothes that you don’t wear.

Cupboard stocked full of clothes with tags still on it? Can’t throw it out because it’s never even been worn? Sure you’ll eventually find an occasion for that skin tight leopard print maxi you bought on a whim? You’re clinging to guilt for buying something that doesn’t suit you, so instead of throwing these out, donate it to charity or hand pick a friend or family member who will LOVE it and change that money mindset!

4. Stretched out, holey, granny undies.

Underwear you’ve had since the 10th grade has no place in your grown up, adult wardrobe. Confidence starts from the inside out and you deserve your whole wardrobe (including the bits that nobody sees) to be a reflection of your self image.

Marie Kondo’s (author of the cult favourite ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’) ‘KonMarie’ method of decluttering focuses on only keeping things that bring you joy. Be aware of the emotions attached to the contents of your wardrobe, throw out anything that brings you feelings of shame, guilt or sadness. Give yourself a fashion show, try things on and have fun revisiting the joy that clothes that fit, flatter and that you love bring in to your space.

It doesn’t have to be daunting to de-clutter, breaking it down into manageable steps can keep you sane and on track to a beautifully tidy home.

Stay tuned for our next blog under 101 to Decluttering: to sell or to donate, and good luck tackling your wardrobe!