Storytelling through interiors

Peony & Silk is a full-service interior design and property styling studio based in Warners Bay, New South Wales. 


Underpinned by the belief that our living environments have the ability to make our day-to-day lives beautiful and easy, comfortable yet functional, we partner with clients to create familiar, beautiful and inspiring spaces to specifically reflect the journey of those who enter them.

A family needs a vibrant, flexible space that’s versatile and functional. A prospective home-buyer is searching for a space where lifelong memories and moments can unfold. While a young woman in the prime of her career craves a space where she can entertain, but can also retreat to when the moment moves her. 

Everyone has their own story. Which is why we do not believe in preconceived aesthetics or a stock standard, cookie-cutter approach to home design.

With our clients placed at the heart of everything we do, we ensure that every design is approached with the individual, unique, and intricate qualities of anyone that walks through our doors.

About Peony & Silk - Property Styling Newcastle
About Peony & Silk - Property Styling Newcastle

Our Approach

How we transform homes

At Peony & Silk, our focus is not on mass market appeal, nor is it about infusing trends and aesthetics that are to our own personal taste.
Our mission revolves around a simple concept: what’s their story?

We take the time to do our research into exactly what the key pillars of design are for the homes we style – whether it be function, aesthetic, adaptability, simplicity, diversity or comfort – and curate a space in tune with the desires of those that will live there.

From there it’s simply for you to sit back, relax, and watch the story come to life.

About Peony & Silk - Property Styling Newcastle

How we do it

The Peony & Silk process

About Peony & Silk - Property Styling Newcastle

Stage 1 - Discovery

Let’s meet

We’ll schedule an onsite meeting to discuss our goals when it comes to the styling process, assess the budget, and decide on the best approach and timeline for bringing your vision to life.

Stage 2 - The approach

Our goal

To create a space that invites an emotional, immersive, and memorable experience for everyone that walks through the doors. Whether harnessing personal aesthetics to elevate your own space for the future, or creating an inviting world for potential buyers to imagine their own, we’ll tailor our approach and strategy based on achieving your ultimate end goal.

Interior design – Styling a home for you and your loved ones is an incredibly intimate, emotional, and collaborative experience. Our team of qualified interior designers work to understand your unique taste and aesthetic, and translate this into a functional space that’s reflective of the lifestyle of those who live there.

To sell – Staging a home for sale is not simply about making it look presentable or appealing on mass – it’s about evoking emotion through design. By truly understanding your potential buyers’ demographic, the property’s surroundings, and the current market, we are able to tailor an experience specifically designed to move people into imagining their own life unfold within its walls.

About Peony & Silk - Property Styling Newcastle
About Peony & Silk - Property Styling Newcastle

Stage 3 - Collaboration

Getting down to business

Once we have a clear view of your goals – it’s go time. Whether you’re a real estate agent styling a property for sale, or a homeowner looking to create a space that is reflective of your lifestyle – we’ve got you covered. We’ll work shoulder to shoulder with you at every turn to make sure the entire styling process is collaborative, transparent, and that feedback is incorporated in real-time. Once our strategy has been set in stone, we’ll deep dive into concept design, furniture selection, sourcing, all the way through to installation – keeping you informed every step of the way.

Stage 4 - Communication is king

Better together

Whenever we take on a new project, there’s one founding concept that we preach louder than anything – we’re always here. No question is too small. No request is too big. Having second thoughts about a design aspect? Share it. Nervous about an impending install date? Give us a call. We’re in this for you, and we’re in this for the long haul. If there’s anything you need along the way to make your journey more successful, we’re the team that will help you bring it to life.

About Peony & Silk - Property Styling Newcastle