How to Style Your Rental Property

How to Style Your Rental Property - Peony & Silk

When renting, it is easy to fell like you are living in someone else’s house, and technically, you are. You don’t have to feel like an outsider in your rental property, though. Adding your own style and elements to make the space feel like home is a great way to help you settle into the […]

How To: Transform Your Open Shelves

How To: Transform Your Open Shelves - Peony & Silk

Transforming your open shelves to look amazing is easy and quick, not to mention it will drastically change the appearance of your space! Open shelves can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, they can show off some of your favourite pieces, and allow you to easily access these items. However, most people just […]

Why Floor Plans Hold The Power

Why Floor Plans Hold The Power - Peony & Silk

Beautiful photos of your home for the market are awesome, they provide the buyers with an idea of the vibe and atmosphere of your home, and can influence if buyers will attend an open house. Floor plans are another awesome tool can draw buyers in and attract some new buyers. While photos show the appearance […]

There’s More to Sales Than Just Staging

There’s More to Sales Than Just Staging - Peony & Silk

Yes, staging your home and putting time and effort into making your home look and feel awesome! But all your hard work could go to waste if the selling element isn’t up to scratch. Your real estate agent is the one who is going to sell your house – all your hard work goes into […]

Transitional Living Rooms

Transitional Living Rooms - Peony & Silk

Transitional living rooms are the perfect combination between traditional and modern living spaces. While these living rooms encompass the key elements of the traditional living room, making the space seem as homely as possible, transitional living rooms are more open plan, bring and contemporary. With large windows, multiple light textures and sometimes even large glass […]

The Magic of Lighting

The Magic of Lighting - Newcastle Property Styling - Peony & Silk

Light is a magical tool – it can allow us to see when it’s dark, look great and create whatever atmosphere or mood desired. The space that needs to be lit can result in the different lighting options available to you – this can make or break a space. To get some great looking light, […]