DIY Staging Tips Instantly Make a Small Room Look Bigger

When it comes to selling a home, small rooms in a house can be a big problem for a buyer when determining whether a home is right for them. While you can’t easily change the actual square footage of a small room, applying the below tips will be key to helping you maximize your room’s potential, making it look functional, appear bigger and more appealing.

Use Proportional Furniture
A small room doesn’t mean small furniture, but it does mean that you need to be more aware of proportions. Limit the bed size (if in doubt, go one size down) to not dominate the bedroom. We want to have the illusion that the room is roomy, not crowded and swings freely. Remove any excess furniture in the room, and ensure there is enough space for people to be able to walk around the room.

Think Vertically
When dealing with a smaller room, you are limited to the amount of area you get to work with. To make up for it, use vertical space to draw attention upwards. Tall pieces of furniture with long high legs and built-in shelves allow the eye to be drawn up without wasting floor space. We want to see as much of the flooring as possible, so avoid floor covering if possible.

Cut the Clutter
Clutter is a small room’s worst enemy. Limit objects in small rooms to the essentials, either removing or storing personal items into hidden storage areas, and limit unnecessary decorations.

Use a Light Palette
Lighter colours, like pastels, neutrals, and shades of white, provide a more open and airy sense, which all collectively help to enlarge a space. Limit bold colours or large prints as they do tend to absorb and deflect light.

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall
Mirrors are one the ultimate antidote when decorating a small bedroom for it evokes a feeling of spaciousness. Use them to reflect light, natural or otherwise, and create the illusion of more space.

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