Three big trends as seen at the 2020 trade shows!

When updating your home, it can be pretty overwhelming when navigating current and forecasted trends. As an interior design the main thing I like to ensure when designing a space is to plan for longevity but still incorporate trends. Trade shows are a great way of gauging what trends we can expect in the coming seasons and the tends that will stick around for longer. Life Instyle + Reed gift fair can be an overwhelming experience, with hundreds of exhibitors and multiple levels and areas of design. However, I attend this year’s Sydney show and have navigated the trend we can expect to see.


Warm colours are trending! Neutrals and colours with warm bases have always been a favourite of mine, so I’m pretty happy with this trend. Walking through the design show, it was a wonderland of creams, tans, beiges and rich burnt oranges. The most popular area of application for creams is in upholstery items. My dreams came true when I came across a rounded slipper chair by Indigo Loves Collectors, that was covered in a beautiful cream textured fabric, that would not only integrate with many colour palettes and styles but create a feel of warmth and lightness within any space.

Fabric trends

Like many of us, my favourite pants growing up were my corduroy jeans, so my heart skipped a beat when I saw that corduroy was making its comeback in interiors and décor. Bedding, cushions and furniture are some ways this fabric is being used and I think that we will be seeing it stick around in the coming seasons. Indigo Loves Collectors had many idea on how to use corduroy throughout their exhibit but my favourite was an oversized armchair covered in plush cream corduroy that would be an amazing addition to any room!

As the popularity of corduroy increases, you should also look out for other textured fabrics such as; linens, velvets, bouclé fabric and also textured waffle fabrics, as these will all be a great addition to any space and very much following the trend.

Organic shapes

The use and innovation of organic shapes was one of my favourite trends to come out of Life in Style 2020. McMullin and co. created an amazing cream textured bedhead that I’m am completely lusting after. Veering away from the tradition shapes most bedheads come in, they have opted for to create an abstract curve that can be integrated into many different design styles. These organic shapes were also seen in armchairs and lounges, décor items and art works. The brand Cillà displayed this throughout their exhibit including their glassware section with a wide range of curved vases that look as if they have been sculpted.


Trends can have a major influence on our design choices, and it can be overwhelming. I always think, when it comes to your own home, it best to make decisions based on what you like and what you want your space to be like. Pinterest and magazines are good way on making decisions on trends but as I like to say to my clients, go with your gut!

Grace Collinson is a Senior Stylist with Peony and Silk Property Styling and a qualified interior designer.

Three big trends as seen at the 2020 trade shows! |