How to Stage your Property Over the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas!

While decorating for the holidays is an opportunity to express your festive spirit, it’s important to ensure that your holiday cheer doesn’t put off would-be buyers during the inspection process.

To make it simple, we at Peony Staging have put together some helpful tips and tricks to ensure it’s a “Hallelujah” instead of Bah-Humbug during home inspections:

Blend In
While this time of the year tend to make us all a bit holiday crazy, don’t let this affect your home staging. Ensure that your holiday decorations match with your current interior. Given the abundance of colours and wide range of adornments that are available today, keep to those that enhance your home.

There is nothing worse than those memorable, haphazard accessories sticking out like a sore thumb!
Depersonalise the Decorations
Keep to neutral décor. While the “Baby’s First Christmas” tree ornament is a beautiful memory, it can be displeasing to potential buyers.

Remember that your home design needs to appeal to a wide variety of people, so remove ornaments with names or photos, religious tokens, and any other decorations that may be off-putting. We want to ensure potential buyers can truly picture their family, in the home.

How to Stage your Property Over the Holidays |

Keep it Simple
While it may be your family tradition to transform your home into a winter wonderland (cue your inflatable snowman and snow machine), this is not to your advantage if you’re set on staging your home during the holidays.

Instead, perhaps some christmas themed hand towels in the bathrooms or a snow-covered wreath on your front door to add small, subtle reminders of the holiday season without going overboard.

Highlight Your Home’s Best Features
Think you have the best entryway on the market? Do you want to draw attention to the fireplace? Use holiday decorations strategically to your advantage to catch the buyer’s attention.

Too many trimmings can distract the buyer so use simple accessories to draw attention, and highlight areas of the home that deserves attention by creating a good ambiance.

Marketing photos
This is the most important thing to consider if your property is on the market over Christmas. None of your marketing photos should have Christmas decorations in them, especially for properties that will be on the market into the new year. This will give people viewing the marketing photos online that your property has been on the market for a considerable period and could affect the price offered by them. Share all the photos of your wonderful decorations on your Facebook and Instagram but leave the marketing images clear of any decorations.
Remember. We want potentially buyers to instantly connect to the home, to invite them to imagine themselves living in the house and ultimately see your house as their home.