How to Style Your Rental Property

When renting, it is easy to fell like you are living in someone else’s house, and technically, you are. You don’t have to feel like an outsider in your rental property, though.

Adding your own style and elements to make the space feel like home is a great way to help you settle into the property.

We’ve all seen rental properties with old yellow walls and wallpaper that is chipping off. With your landlord’s permission, painting the walls of the property a light, clean and neutral shade  is a great way to make a space feel more homely. It is also a great way to create a neutral backdrop for furniture, accessories and art.

If you are unable to paint the walls of the property, see what furniture you can buy to make the room feel more like home. If you don’t have the budget to go out and purchase all new furniture, check out your local op-shop and see what bargains you can find. If you find some great deals, you can also paint the items to make the property feel more like home.

How to Style Your Rental Property |

The flooring in a room can dramatically change how a room feels. Old carpet can make a room feel closed in a dirty while wooden floors can make a space feel freshly renovated. Using a large neutral or natural weave rug to decorate a space is a great way to mute wall and floor colours, or to bring more texture into a space. Rugs can also define a space.

Depending on the window coverings in the property, changing these out can be a great way to completely change the atmosphere of a space. The of purpose of blinds is to control light, privacy and thermal insulator, which can dramatically change how a space looks and feels.

Another great way to bring more light into a space is by using mirrors. Hanging large mirrors in bedrooms and living rooms is a cost effective and easy way to bring more light into a space and to make the space look so much bigger!

Accessorising with throws, pillows and soft furnishings is another cost effective and simple way to bring life into a space. Layering old lounges with a throw and pillows helps to deter the eye from the old lounge and dated carpet.

Finally, bringing plants into a space is an amazing way to style a rental property! Large or small, house plants help to purify air, help you think more clearly and can support a calm and nurturing environment

How to Style Your Rental Property |

In some cases it may be difficult to style a rental property can be difficult depending on the state of the property. However, rental properties can look amazing when you sure the right tools!

When living in a rental property you want to feel as comfortable as you can in the space you are given. Figuring out what makes you feel the most comfortable is essential in creating a rental property you love.