Hygge: What is it, and how to Embrace it?

A traditional Danish concept stemming from the idea that cosiness and happiness leads to contentment and well-being, “Hygge” (pronounced hue-gah) is not an object, nor is it a thing you can buy, but a certain “feeling”.

It’s that “feeling” when you’re tucked in a doona on a cold winter’s night with a hot coco, or that “feeling” when you are enjoying life’s simple pleasures by snuggling in on a good book, as it’s pouring rain outside. In a world where our lives seem to only get busier, the Danes adopts the Hygge way of lifestyle to slow down, remain calm and enjoy the finer things.

Today, this lifestyle has quickly spread warmth and evolved sanctuaries beyond its Danish waters. Although commonly found in Winter, we have decided to show you how you can incorporate Hygge seamlessly in your household, 365 days no matter the season.

Make use of unused spaces
Maximise unused spaces by creating the perfect cosy “escape” from the noisy world. With a comfy chair and some big beautiful potted plants, experience true relaxation as you sink into that good book in your cosy little nook. Alternatively, take the Hygge outside and absorb the serenity of the weather in Australia – I mean. What is more cosy than a beautiful reading space, surrounded by a gorgeous garden, and some Vitamin D?

Lighting is key
Lighting is key in the Hygge lifestyle. Although a fireplace would be the ultimate way to incorporate Hygge lighting, candlelight and lamps with warm tints can transform the fresh feel of your interior, just as well, into a flickering calm, cosy, escape. However, no fluorescent allowed!

Add textures
Elude that style looked and add that extra dimension all year around by layering your textures. We are talking about those velvet faux fur throws for those cooler winter months and those minimalistic, soft and textured linens in the warmer months.

Stick to a neutral scheme
When infusing colour, think tranquil. Hygge is best created through dashes of muted tones and neutral schemes, rather than bright colours and patterns. Blends of blush grey and white are on trend at the moment, as well as blues and linens.

Remember – the Hygge lifestyle is all about the simple things in life! You don’t need a massive overhaul of your home to achieve Hygge. Simple small yet meaningful additions are all that you need to embrace that Hygge way of lifestyle.

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