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The process of elevating a space into someone’s home goes beyond great design. It’s about striking that chord of familiarity, stirring emotions, and making the experience so memorable that a person can’t imagine living their life anywhere else.

Whether you are a homeowner, real estate agent, or an investor, Peony & Silk offers a range of design and styling solutions that align with the vision you have for your property – whether that’s preparing to sell, or creating a dream for the future.

Styling to sell

Evoking emotion, through design

What makes a house, a home? It’s not the floor plan or the address. Not the price tag or the neighbourhood. It’s the warmth, the sense of familiarity and welcome, that you get when you walk through the doors.

Everyone that walks through your doors will be looking for those emotions, and its those emotions we try to harness and bring to life through considered, thoughtful and personal design.

If you are a real estate agent or a homeowner looking to sell a home, we’ll help you get to the core of your potential buyers – their wants, needs, and long term goals – and curate a space that will whisper “welcome home” as they walk through the door.

Property Styling Service - Peony & Silk

Interior design

Elevated living, through design

Belmont living room Coastal style - Peony & Silk

Our home is not just a space where we live our lives. It is a reflection of our personalities, our goals, and of the lifestyle we want to live.

By taking visual cues from your individual aesthetic and unique story, our team of qualified interior designers will start to build a bespoke style vision that encompasses all the functionality, long-term goals, and personality traits that will truly make your house, your home.

Not for everyone. Not on mass. By you, for you.