Staging your Property for Sale in Winter

Winter Warmers

As the temperature drops outside, it is even more important to create warmth in your home when it goes onto the property market. There are a couple of different things you can do to ensure that your visitors are welcomed with some winter warmth!


On a day when it is a bit grey outside, make sure that you have all your lights on. Use strategically placed lamps to increase the light in your property and open all of the window coverings. Consider changing your light globes as well – winter is a great time to switch out the cool globes to warm ones.


If you have a working fireplace, it is a great idea to light it up! Not only will it physically warm the property up, it also creates a wonderful ambience and feeling within home, while showing that it is more than a feature piece. There is nothing better than a cozy fireplace on a dreary winter day. Don’t despair if you don’t have a fire, just make sure you put the heaters on for your real estate agent before the open house. Remember to turn them off once your agent arrives.


A great way to add some warmth in a house is by layering textures. We have mentioned it before, heavy knit throws, faux fur and velvets are a wonderful way to add cosiness to your property this time of the year. Use these textures in your living spaces and bedrooms.

Snuggly Nooks

Take a leaf from the Scandinavians this time of year and inject some cosiness into your home. Try a beautiful reading nook. Use items like textured throws, cushions, a side table and some greenery. In fact the Danes are so good at this that they have a name for it, Hygge. If you want to read more on the Danish concept of Hygge check out our blog from last year. They really understand the need to cosy things up when the weather outside is cold. Click here –