The Magic of Lighting

Light is a magical tool – it can allow us to see when it’s dark, look great and create whatever atmosphere or mood desired. The space that needs to be lit can result in the different lighting options available to you – this can make or break a space. To get some great looking light, some main components must be looked at.

The Magic of Lighting |
Bedside Table by Naomi Findlay


The most common source of lighting – ceiling lights and pendants are some examples. This light is used to illuminate a space to allow better sight. Down lights are becoming increasingly popular and ceiling fans with fitted lights are becoming more convenient.


Lamps, lighting above kitchen benches and strip led lighting are great ways to improve light in both a large space and specific spaces. While these may be done to aesthetically please the eye, they are also helpful to brighten up a space.

The Magic of Lighting |


Accent lighting is only for aesthetic features. These lighting sources are used to make feature pieces in the home stand out even more.

People often assume that in a single space there can often be one form of lighting. Most home spaces need around two or three – this doesn’t have to be boring though – decorations and different levels of lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere!

Down lights are increasingly popular in homes in the living area, kitchens and bathrooms.

Opening living rooms and lounge rooms can be greatly improved with ceiling lights, floor lamps and side lamps. Lights can be used for decoration!

In outdoor spaces, lanterns and candles are great and cheap ways to create a calm atmosphere.

The Magic of Lighting |
Candle and plant arrangement by Naomi Findlay

Candles and bedside lamps are also great for bedrooms, and lamps look graet in study spaces and small nooks!

So, general, task and accent lighting are useful for all different things – they can be used together to by themselves – time to get creative with your lighting!