What is Home staging anyway??

A lot of people think home staging is just about cushions and interior design but it is a lot more than ‘just’ that. Most people have a misconception that it is just interior design or styling but it has a very different focus.

Interior design or styling is about finding design and style solutions that appeal and help the owner of a house. In these situations the designer will take the owners likes, dislikes, taste, and lifestyle into account when making a design proposal.

When it comes to home staging, the likes and dislikes of the owners is not paramount or the main concern. As a matter of fact their tastes don’t come into it at all!

What home staging does, is prepare the house to appeal to the target BUYER. It is all about making the house appeal to as many people as possible in the target market. It is important to acknowledge that the target market might have very different expectations of the house they want or the lifestyle they envision themselves buying. This might not correlate or match the current owners lifestyle or personal taste. At Peony Property Staging, we will liaise with your real estate agent to confirm your target market and style your house accordingly. This will help maximise interest and emotional investment in your property.

So in short home staging is about presenting a sellers home in a way that will appeal to the maximum amount of people in their target market. It is about putting the house in a better position not only to sell quickly but to sell for a higher amount than if it wasnt staged.

Did you know that home staging was different to interior design? Or did you think it was the same thing with the same focus?